Business is a journey better made with friends and allies. Just like in life, when you own a business you will be put to the test and need trustworthy people to help you stay on track and grow. Over the years I have learned that in life and business most people fall into one of two categories the “WE” mentality and the “me” mentality.

When looking for a business alliance or a digital ally, you need to know what to look for and about these two mentalities. A little knowledge about this will go along way, and in the end, save you hours of headache and emotional pain.Both of these mentalities might own a successful business and from the outside look like they are willing to help everyone they can.

The “me” mentality will only help you if they can leverage something more out of the deal. They are indeed only in it for themselves, not matter what it looks like when you first meet with them. The “me” mentality is a group of users that don’t care about you or your business. This group of people are the worst type of people to build a business alliance with, as they will stab you in the back and go out of the way to make sure they are getting the most significant piece of the pie.

The biggest risk with the “me” mentality is that you never know what is going to happen. They will likely never really follow through with the agreement but be more than willing to call you out if you are not sticking to it. If you bring up that they are not holding to the deal, you will either be met with a defensive stance or excuses.

The best way to deal with a “me” mentality type of person is to not deal with them any more than you have to. Don’t go into business relationships with them, and by no means do you ally with this type of person. Stay away from them and let them do it the way they want by themselves.

When looking for a digital ally look for someone with the “WE” mentality, these people genuinely want to help you grow and know that together you both can grow your businesses.

The “We” mentality understand the value of working as a group to achieve a common goal. Listens to your ideas and provides valuable input. And follows through on any deal struck, making sure it is beneficial to both parties. They take pride in knowing they are helping other people grow and understand that by helping them they are also helping themselves.

By partnering with a, “We” mentality focused business, you can build a powerful digital strategy plan that will drive traffic to both of your websites, helping both companies grow and prosper. The other bonus is that by partnering with the right business, you will increase your market reach overnight. Finding the right Digital Ally can take a bit of work and is even harder than finding a great employee, but the payoff can be HUGE for both companies.

When talking to a potential Digital Ally, it is essential to have clear communication and reasonable expectations. Taking the extra time upfront to make sure that both companies understand what is needed to make this successful. I recommend talking about social media following, how often newsletters are sent, how often blog posts are posted, and talk about what keywords are important for each business.

Finding Digital Allies will help your business grow, bring you increase website traffic and a larger social reach. Just make sure you find a “WE” ally, not a “me” ally so that you can grow both of your businesses not just your allies.

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