30-Day Social Media Calendar Prompt

Creating a social media calendar tailored to your needs involves a series of strategic steps, particularly when balancing humor, engagement, and promotional content. I would need to ask several questions to gather detailed information about your business and audience to get started. This initial phase is crucial as it allows us to tailor the content to your brand’s voice and audience’s preferences.

social media calendar
I need to create a social media content calendar for the next 30 days. I post on Instagram. 

My business sells all-natural beard oils and beard butter. 

I will be posting 5 times a week. 

I want to strike a balance of posts where they are funny, humorous, friendly, conversational, and engaging and others to help promote my products. 

You will need to help me with this and provide me a full content calendar. First, you will need to ask me questions about my business and audience until you believe you have enough information. 

Then, you will provide me with the content calendar formatted in a table. 

The text captions will be in one column, the suggested image in the second column, and a possible prompt for Dall-E image generator in the third. The image prompts should include a description of the image we are creating. 3 descriptive keywords for the style, type of camera used, camera focal length, camera type.

Business Name:  [business name] 
Business Description: [business description]

Questions to Understand Your Business and Audience

  1. What is the name of your business, and what
    do you offer?

    Understanding your business’s core helps create content that resonates with what you stand for and what you’re offering.
  2. Who is your target audience?
    Knowing who you are speaking to (age, interests, location, etc.) is key to crafting messages that resonate and engage.
  3. What is your business’s tone of voice?
    This helps maintain consistency across all posts, whether humorous, friendly, or promotional.
  4. What are your business goals with social media?
    Identifying whether it’s brand awareness, sales, engagement, or something else will guide the content’s direction.
  5. Can you share examples of past posts that performed well and some that didn’t?
    Learning from past performance can significantly influence future content strategy.
  6. What is your unique selling proposition (USP) compared to your competitors?
    Highlighting what makes you different is essential for promotional content.
  7. Are there any upcoming promotions, events, or product launches we should know?
    This helps in planning content around key business activities.
  8. How does your product/service benefit the user? Emotional and practical benefits?
    Understanding this allows us to craft messages that connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Creating the 30-Day Social Media Calendar

Once I have the answers to these questions, I will draft a 30-day content calendar that perfectly balances engaging (funny, humorous, friendly, and conversational) and promotional content. The calendar will include:

  • Day and Date: When the post will go live.
  • Text Caption: Crafted to engage, entertain, or inform, aligned with the day’s objective.
  • Suggested Image: A brief description of the type of image that would complement the text.
  • Dall-E Image Prompt: Detailed prompts for creating images with Dall-E, including style keywords, camera type, focal length, etc.

This content calendar will serve as a comprehensive guide, ensuring your social media efforts are strategic, cohesive, and aligned with your business objectives. By leveraging prompt engineering and my understanding of Chat GPT, the process will be streamlined, efficient, and tailored to generate maximum engagement and achieve your business goals.

Example Entry in the Social Media Calendar

Let’s illustrate what an entry might look like based on a hypothetical business in the wellness industry:

Day and DateText CaptionSuggested ImageDall-E Image Prompt
Monday, 1st“Start your week with intention and a splash of positivity! Remember, self-care is not selfish.”A bright, inviting image of a cozy reading nook with a cup of tea and a book.“A cozy reading nook with a steaming cup of tea and an open book, warm and inviting. Use soft, calming colors, DSLR camera quality, 50mm focal length, digital camera.”

This example is a starting point. The content will be tailored based on detailed information about your business and audience. This approach ensures that every post is purposeful, engaging, and aligned with your brand identity and business goals.

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