Deep Linking Explained

Deep Linking Explained

Building authority on your website can take some work. But it isn’t always as hard as it seems. One of the best ways to start building a better authority on your website is with Deep Linking. This is a technique where you make sure that the inner pages and posts of your website are built just as powerfully as your other pages. By doing this, you create authority for all of the pages and posts on your website, not only the main one. This allows you to be able to optimize each page to specific keywords for Google targeting. By doing this you can have your inner pages rank higher than your main pages, it is not uncommon for me to find a website that has inner pages ranking higher than the main page. I bet if you started looking you would see the same thing.

By taking the time to build trust into all of your inner or internal pages, you will have the groundwork to create an epic Domain Authority in the long run.

So how do you do this magic they call Deep Linking? Well, it is rather easy to do just takes time, a bit of research and the desire to build a better website for your business.

So the long and short of what we are going to be looking at is how to efficiently link your internal pages and posts together that have relevant keywords.

You do this by sending backlink from one page to another. Not getting what I am trying to say. Well, how about this, if you are writing an article about “Organic Online Growth,” and you have already written an article about “Importance of Blogging.” Then send links from “Organic Online Growth” to “Importance of Blogging,” where ever you can in the article without making it sounds terrible.

When looking for your keywords make sure you are using different variations of similar keywords. Make sure you are not using the same linking phrases or have the same kind of keywords or anchor text links attached to the works you are linking. Getting high-quality external links from other websites on the same page you are targeting with the particular phrase, will increase the quality of the deep link as well.

Properly functioning links are essential also, so it is well worth your time to occasionally run software to look for broken links on your website. This will allow you to fix broken links and redirect them to new improved content.

When it comes to the content on your website quality is more important than quantity. If you take the time to write good solid copy and link it properly, you can get more out of it than crappy copy. So don’t cut corners and take the time to write great copy.

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