- Jake McCluskey -

Business Consulting, Online Planning, and Random Thoughts

Who I am

I'm a proud American Patriot, Husband, and Father.   I am a US Navy Vet, competitive shooter, and avid reader.  I am a Vetpreneur and own two very different businesses.

What I do

I have been helping businesses grow online for over a decade.  I help businesses develop plans to capitalize on their strengths online to maximize sales and conversions.

Helping you focus

Are you struggling to grow your brand online?  Are you tired of wasting money and not getting results?  By focusing your niche your business will explode.

How it starts

Sign up for my newsletter, read my blog posts, listen to my podcasts, email me your questions, and when your ready to grow contact me for your first session.

Analyse your Website

Your website is your first impression to your clients. I start by focusing on what your clients see first.

What I Do

I build a report pointing out the biggest issues on your website and provide a plan on to get it fixed.
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Automate Your Process

You know you need to keep up with Social Media but like most people you have trouble keeping up with it.

What I Do

I help make sure all your Social Media has your brand, automate the process. Freeing up your time.
I want more time

Focus You For Results

Let's find your niche and focus you and your business for rapid tangible growth that is easy to maintain.

What I Do

Provide coaching focus on your passion, find a niche that works for you, and build a plan on how to move forward.
I'm Ready To Focus
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