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WordPress Security Specialist & WordPress Developer

8.5 Million WordPress sites are infected.

30,000 WordPress sites are HACKED daily.  Learn how to make sure you are not one of them.

Your credibility, business, and reputation is on the line.  Signup to get my ebook Defending WordPress – A Simple Guide to WordPress Security. 

Meet Jake McCluskey

For over a decade I have been helping clients build powerful WordPress sites that drive traffic, convert, and build lasting businesses.  In 2013, I started seeing more and more WordPress sites hacked, people losing business, time, and money, hoping to get their site back up and working.  I stated taking WordPress security much more seriously at this point.  I have seen first hand how it can hurt more than just your website, but your SEO, your Google Ranking, and much more.  About a year later I was able to start fixing these hacked sites, increase WordPress security, and ultimately keep your website up and running.  

In 2018 I partnered with Eric Wickham and we built Tier One Marketing Solutions, combining both of our companies into a digital powerhouse helping veteran, patriotic, hunting, and 2nd amendment businesses reach new heights online.  If you are looking for WordPress development, branding, or online marketing check out Tier One Marketing Solutions.

If you have security issues, a hacked site, or want to increase your WordPress sites security, you are in the right place. 

jake mccluskey, wordpress development, wordpress security, security consulting, security checking

Step #1 What is an infection?

Knowing what an infection is, and how your WordPress site gets infected will teach you how to protect it.

Step #2 Ways to Secure Your Site

Learn the 5 most useful ways to secure your WordPress site without having to hire a security professional.

Step #3 Help My Site Was Hacked

Even with the best security it can still happen. Learn what to do if it does happen and how to get your site back.

Step #4 Hacked Site Ruins You

Your hard earned SEO and reputation could quickly go down the drain.