My name is Jake

I Fix Sales Funnels And Increase Your Profits

What I Do

Funnel Blueprints

Sales Funnels are a game changer. You can easily increase the amount you sell through your eCommerce store just by using a simple funnel. A more advanced can get you 3-4X the profit.

Funnel Simulation

What if you could know how your funnel will do before you build it? I can help you figure this out and get your funnel running at maximum performance for you.

Funnel Copy Creation

The wrong headline will ruin your funnel. A great headline can save your funnel. Your copy is just as if not more important than the offers in your funnels.

Conversion Optimization

Just because you have a website doesn't mean it is actually helping your business. Learn why your website isn't converting and what can be done to increase your sales and leads.

Funnel Creation

No matter the platform I can build you a funnel that will provide your customers a better experience while increasing your profit by up to 178%.


Ready to take your business to the next level? Want to grow your eCommerce business quickly? I offer website consulting that help you focus and grow.

2 Ways to increase Profit

When it comes to ecommerce you have two ways to increase your profit:

  1. Increase your traffic
  2. Have your current customers buy more

I’m not an SEO expert so the first one isn’t much use to me.  I understand SEO but I wouldn’t call myself an expert.

So I focus on the second one, get your current customers to purchase more by improving the customer journey and offering the right products at the right time during the checkout process.

By creating you a focused sales funnel you will start selling more products to your customers day one.  A properly built funnel can increase your profits by 183%.


Funnel Blueprint Creation
Funnel Copy Creation
Funnel Creation
Funnel Simulation
Conversion Optimization

About Me

With over two decades of experience I now focus my efforts on fixing WordPress eCommerce sites, building sales funnels and increasing conversions.  But what does that really mean for you.   Well let’s break it down a bit.

Anyone can build a good looking website right?  Well almost anyone especially with all the themes you can just purchase.  But just because you have a website doesn’t mean it is helping your business.  It can actually be hurting you more than helping you.  Your website is either your best sales tool or your worst sales tool.  Pretty simple right?

What this means is I fix your website to start generating you more sales and leads.. 

I have done it for customers for many years and increased their profit four to five times in a very short period of time.  

Current Certifications

The world of sales funnels and web development is always changing.  I pride myself in that I keep all the certifications needed to help my customers grow and profit.  

These certifications allow me to learn the latest and greatest techniques to help increase your profits and build you better funnels.  Understanding the current trends, how to build the right customer journey, and what you can do to increase your conversions is a must in my world.  

I use all this experience when it comes to building your funnels to move your customers through the entire sales process and increase your sales, not just on the initial sale, but on consecutive sales after through email automation.  

I offer a free 30 minute  consulting call where we can talk about your website, you can tell me your what pains you the most with it, and we can discuss how to fix it.  

Contact me

If you are looking to contact me either fill out the form below or you can find me through Instagram.  I don’t take phone calls until we are part way trough the process.  If you want to discuss me taking on your project please reach out to me and I will get back to you quickly.

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